LS manual motor starters

LS Manual Motor Starters

Manual Motor Starters Efficiency through various functions and compact design. Complete ranges up to 100A and 100kA Wide variety of accessories.

Meta-MEC MMSs are suitable for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors of up to 45kW at 400VAC and for loads with rated currents of up to 100A.


  • Width : 45mm for 32A, 55mm for 63A and 70mm for 100A
  • Three position operator: ON-OFF-TRIP
  • Complete range of common accessories
  • Handle lock in the OFF position
  • Class 10, 20 overload trip characteristics
  • Trip test available
  • Finger safe terminal
  • DIN rail & Screw mounting


  • Ampere Frame : 32, 63, 100AF
  • Rated operating voltage (Ue) : 1000V (690V for MMS-32)
  • Rated frequency (Hz) : 50/60Hz
  • Rated insulation voltage (Uimp) : 8kV (6kV for MMS-32)
  • Utilization category : Cat A., AC3
  • Instantaneous short circuit : 13 x Ie max
  • Wide operation temperature : -20 ~ +60℃


LS Manual Motor Starters Catalogue – PDF

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